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To my supporters, who helped set fundraising record

I am so grateful that voters up and down the district have turned out and shown their support for keeping our district in conservative hands. It’s important to keep this seat in the Republican column, with values that match those of Eastern Washington: family, faith and freedom.

Our farmers, foresters, business owners, veterans, families, and individuals have all put their faith in me, and I’m humbled by such an amazing show of grassroots support. Every day, I meet with people who tell me they need someone in Congress who won’t be afraid to stand up to the liberal agenda that erodes our way of life…but they also recognize that their representative in Congress must have the experience to build relationships and get bills passed that benefit the people of Eastern Washington.

Our first quarter results set a record for new candidates running for the 5th Congressional seat, but finances are only part of the bellwether of success. My team and I aren’t slowing up or resting on our laurels. No, we’ve redoubled our efforts to reach every voter in Eastern Washington to hear about their concerns and learn how I can make a difference on their behalf back in Washington D.C. Our first quarter donors have helped protect the American Dream, and we must continue fighting to keep it intact for our children and our grandchildren.



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