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Officially filed for Congress!

Today, I officially filed to be a candidate for United States Congress representing Washington's 5th District while surrounded by my wonderful wife and five amazing children.

This isn’t just another election in America; this is a wake-up call for our way of life. We need to protect the American Dream for our children. We have a wide open border, lawlessness and homeless on our streets, and federal overspending that’s fueling runaway inflation. It has to stop. I believe I have the experience and energy to get results. That’s why I’m running.

When I think of my kids and their future, I want them to inherit a country that is prosperous and competitive on the world stage. I can’t let them be saddled with tens of trillions of dollars in debt before they’re even old enough to vote. I helped bring the WSU medical school to Spokane, to finish the North-South freeway, to reduce college tuition for tens of thousands of students, and reduce taxes for seniors. Now I want to get real results from Congress.

And I need your help. Please donate $100, $50 or $5 right now!  I’m so grateful for your support!

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