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Fun to be back home on the Palouse at Whitman County Lincoln Day

It was great to speak to the Whitman County GOP at their Lincoln Day DInner in Colfax this weekend. I grew up on the Palouse in Colton and Pullman. 

A key issue on everyone’s minds is our local dams and their essential role they play for transportation of agricultural inputs and products, for clean energy and irrigation. The recent settlement negotiated by the Biden Administration was essentially a roadmap to breaching the dams. We can’t let that happen. I will be a very strong advocate for the dams and the tremendous benefits they bring to our communities and businesses. 

On a more personal note, it was fun to have my mom Dee join me at the dinner. After more than 40 years teaching local kindergarten she is everyone’s favorite! It was also a treat to be back at the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds—I have fond memories of entering Lego creations and chocolate chip cookies in the Fair and we’ve had good times seeing our kids make many of the same memories.

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