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Do you know someone interested in politics?

One of my favorite parts of being an elected official for nearly 15 years is mentoring young people (and those young at heart) who have an interest in getting a start in politics.

My former campaign workers have gone into a wide array of political jobs - everything from running the state Republican party to working in the Trump White House. We’ve even had a few become elected officials themselves!

This summer, we are looking for a select group of hard workers who would like to get their start in politics by volunteering in formal roles on our Congressional campaign as:

  • Associate Campaign Managers

  • Field Organizers

  • Communications Specialists

  • Grassroots Outreach

Do you know someone who wants to help our Congressional campaign, learn how things work behind the scenes, and perhaps get started on their own eventual career in politics?

Our campaign is going great, but winning in politics is definitely a ‘team sport’ and we’re always looking for hard workers who want to help fight for the conservative ideas of limited government and personal freedom that make America great!

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