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Baumgartner Supporters

Updated: Mar 13

The support we've received from people all over the district has been incredible. This weekend I was in Spokane, Pullman, Walla Walla, Ritzville and Davenport.

Here's just some of what the campaign has received:

Campaign Co-Chairs

Senator Mike Padden, 4th Legislative District

Jack “The Throwin Samoan” Thompson - Former WSU QB

Eleanor Baumgartner - Former journalist/consultant and concerned mother


Finance Co-Chairs

Matt Hanson - Owner of Dye Seed and grandson of R.A. Hanson, agricultural entrepreneur

Steve Gordon - Former owner of Gordon Trucking

Dino Rossi - Former State Senator


Campaign Committee Members & Supporters

Phil Altmeyer, CEO Union Gospel Mission – Faith & Community Outreach

Sen. Mark Schoesler, 9th Leg. District - Agricultural Advisor

Sen Jeff Holy, 6th Leg. District – Law Enforcement Advisor

Mark Sonderen, Sonderen Packaging – Small Business Advisor

Melissa Williams – Women in Business Advisor

Barry Baker, Baker Construction - Building & Construction Advisor

Dan Bisbee – Former Captain, US Army – Veterans for Baumgartner

Lt. Col. Chris Ferrez, USAF, (Ret.) – Veterans for Baumgartner

Rob McKenna - Former Washington State Attorney General

Cody Leach - Son of former WSU Football Coach Mike Leach

Sen. Phil Fortunato – 2nd Amendment Advisor

Sen. John Braun - Senate Republican Leader

Sen. Ann Rivers

Rep. Mike Volz – Local Government Advisor

Former Sen. Mike Hewiitt

Former Sen. Maureen Walsh

Former Sen. Steve Litzow

Laura Padden, Spokane Valley City Council

Pam Haley, Mayor of Spokane Valley

Chris and Jana Schultheis – Colton wheat farmers

Clay Leland – Former Trump Administration, Office of White House Counsel

Cyrus Vaughn – Businessman

Ned Rumpeltes, Businessman

Jeff and Shawna Miller – Small Business Owner

Boris Borisov - Pastor

Pat and Kathy Dix - Retired

John and Kathy Pariseau

Matt Ewers

Michael Cannon, Board Member Mead School District

Lauren Roberts - Former Senior VP/COO Hecla Mining

Susan and George Herion

Terry and Susan Herion

Tim Eyman – Activist and fiscal conservative

Ambassador Asif Chaudhry – Former US Ambassador to Moldova

Shane Laib – Former Walla Walla County Republican Chair

Darin Watkins (unable to officially endorse due to employment) – Policy Advisor Housing


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