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Join me June 5th for Baumtoberfest

Tickets are $50/person or $400/table for 8 guests. VIP reception at 4:30 p.m. for $500/couple.


“We need to protect the American Dream.”

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You can also mail a check to: Vote Baumgartner for Congress — P.O. Box 8508 Spokane, WA 99203

I’m running for Congress to protect the American Dream. Every day, it seems the America we love—the one of hope, of strength and of promise of a better future for our kids—is being destroyed.

We can’t let that happen. 

I spent eight years in the Washington State Senate pushing back against the Seattle radicals... and winning. With my help, we put Republicans in charge, slashed government agencies, got Spokane a WSU medical school and FINALLY got full funding to finish the North-South Freeway. 

I was born in the Palouse and went to WSU. I’m Eastern Washington through and through. My family is the center of my life—my wonderful Eleanor and our five children.  They go to public schools. They play sports. They are amazing kids.

But will they inherit the same chance at a future for the American Dream that we’ve all had? You bet they will. We’re going to make sure of it.

The most important thing we need to do right now is secure our southern border. Fentanyl and drugs are pouring in the country. Law breakers are entering by the thousands every day, and half measures aren’t going to cut it. We need fighters who can win.

And there is another border we need to protect—the one between lawful and unlawful, civilized and chaotic. Across the county, tent cities, homelessness and crime is going unchecked. Overseas, America is in retreat.

Eleanor and I met in Afghanistan. She came from Britain and I had worked with the state department. We’ve seen firsthand the sacrifices of so many. There’s a border between the life we have and the world the swamp in DC is pushing us toward. I’m not standing on the sidelines while the American Dreams dies. Not for my kids. Not for yours.

Together we can win the American Dream for Eastern Washington.


Trusted By Many

Michael is supported by:
  • Dino Rossi
    Former State Senator 

  • Senator Mike Padden
    4th Legislative District

  • Sen. Mark Schoesler
    9th Legislative District

  • Sen Jeff Holy
    6th Legislative District

  • Jack “The Throwin' Samoan” Thompson
    Former WSU Quarterback

  • Matt Hanson
    Owner of Dye Seed

  • Steve Gordon
    Former owner of Gordon Trucking

  • Melissa Williams
    Founder and CEO of Star Financial 

  • Rob McKenna
    Former Washington State Attorney General

  • Senator John Braun
    20th Legislative District and Senate Republican Leader

  • Representative Mike Volz
    6th Legislative District

  • Senator Phil Fortunato
    31st Legislative District

  • Senator Ann Rivers
    18th Legislative District

  • Laura Padden
    Spokane Valley City Council

  • Pam Haley
    Mayor of Spokane Valley

  • And many others!

See who else is supporting
Michael Baumgartner for Congress!


Experience Getting Results

  • Reduce Eastern Washington property taxes and lower business taxes 

  • Establish a new WSU Medical School in Spokane

  • Keep a Republican majority in the State Senate for six years

  • Fire Jay Inslee's incompetent Secretary of Transportation

  • Protect rural water rights after the Hirst Decision

  • Secure funding to finish Spokane's North-South Freeway

  • Reduce college tuition by 15%-20%, the largest reduction in the nation

  • Eliminate five state government agencies to reduce bureaucratic waste

Michael helped to:
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