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We can score a touchdown with Michael Baumgartner

Friends, I’m former WSU Quarterback Jack Thompson. Many of you may know me as “The Throwin’ Samoan” from my time setting the all-time NCAA passing record and being the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft - and also for my unabashed love and support for Washington State University.

Now, I’d like you to know me as the co-Chair of Michael Baumgartner’s campaign for Congress. I’m proud to have donated to help Michael’s campaign and I’m asking you to donate as well.

We need Michael Baumgartner in Congress to help our country and to help everyone in Eastern Washington.

Think about giving $7 for a Touchdown donation or a $14 donation in honor of my retired jersey number I wore while playing for the Cougs.

I know Michael Baumgartner from his steadfast work in the State Senate to help create the new WSU Medical School in Spokane. The University of Washington did not want to give up their monopoly and fought hard against it, but Michael and Cougar nation won. In fact, all of Eastern Washington won! Now Spokane graduates more medical students than Seattle, which is huge for meeting the need for medical care in rural areas of Eastern Washington.

I also know Michael Baumgartner from his very close friendship with former WSU Football Coach Mike Leach. I was honored to be part of the famous “Insurgent Warfare and Football Strategy Course” that Michael and Coach Leach created at WSU and which was featured on ESPN College Gameday.

We were all saddened by the passing of Coach Leach and miss him dearly. The fact that his wife Sharon and his son Cody have donated to Michael Baumgartner’s Congressional campaign should tell you all you need to know what Coach Leach would think about this race.

Spokane Treasurer Michael Baumgartner was born and raised a Coug in Eastern Washington, with crimson and gray woven into his DNA. His dad was a forestry professor at WSU’s Pullman campus. And, when the time came, Michael did his undergraduate work there before going back east to get a Masters in Public Administration.

Even then Michael was an avid Cougar fan, following every game.

But it wasn’t until he came home from Iraq and Afghanistan, where he’d done civilian work, including a stint at the State Department, that Michael’s Cougar credentials really gathered steam.

He ran for the State Senate - defeating an incumbent Democrat - and immediately focused on higher education and schools like WSU and EWU. As Vice Chair of the Ways and Means committee, he helped LOWER THE COST of college tuition - for the first time in American history!

I’ve also seen first-hand how Michael had the courage to fight for students being treated unfairly. Michael was not afraid to do what is right and ultimately we saw justice done.

Now Michael wants to take his energy, optimism, leadership and integrity to Congress. I can’t think of a better Cougar to advocate on behalf of Eastern Washington back in DC. I have endorsed Michael and contributed to his campaign, because he’s shown he can put points on the board for his community.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting his campaign. He’s truly a first round draft pick for our region!


Jack Thompson

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