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Come doorbell with me!

One of my absolute favorite campaign activities is doorbelling. When I defeated an extremely well-funded incumbent Democrat in my first race for the State Senate, I knew that we would be outspent - but also that we wouldn’t be outworked!  

We started our first day of doorbelling in the Spokane Valley on Sunday. The response was phenomenal and I feel so grateful that our campaign’s hard work is bringing results. So many of the folks we chatted with knew me and expressed their support. It was humbling and made me eager to keep working to fulfill the commitment I’ve made to protect the American dream…and stop tax increases!

My second-favorite door was the VERY FIRST HOUSE I visited where the residents asked to host a Baumgartner for Congress yard sign.  (My favorite door was this home below with a brand new puppy!)

If you'd like to join me for some fresh air, exercise and a little old-fashioned campaigning, please reach out to my campaign manager at We'll be heading out several times a week throughout Eastern Washington, so no matter what town you're from we could use the support!

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